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The all new FOGG, now available in Popsicle packaging. Aesthetic, air-tight packaging ensures the safety of the device, while preserving the juice and battery at optimum levels. Equipped with a protective cover, the device itself is sleeker than before, much easier to hold! A larger box for packaging allows for ease of access. Vaping FOGG is so much more convenient, there’s no refilling, no gimmicks; just pop it open and enjoy an enthralling vaping experience. FOGG now comes in 14 mouthwatering flavors of Secret Sauce, Cloud Breakers and recently added flavors of Solace and Pod Juice. The strength variation of 50 mg and 55 mg has increased the vaping experience. FOGG pod devices carry 1.2ML of E-liquid, come in packs of 3; each pod delivering up to 300 puffs, ultimately making them disposable.


It's no secret that smokers, more often than not, face deep struggles in their efforts to quit smoking. Their stories are ones you've probably heard before; succumbing to peer pressure at college, wanting to be look the part in a certain social circle, or just lighting one up for the heck of it. It might look like its all fun and games, until it becomes much, much more than that. It becomes a habit. It becomes, an addiction.

What starts off as a casual smoke turns into an almost religious, routine smoke. The pros of a cigarette, you might ask? None. The cons of a cigarette? Infinite. Bronchitis, esophageal cancer, lung cancer, not to mention cardiovascular disease, are all on the cards for heavy smokers, down the line. These are life ending diseases. Smoking is devilishly detrimental to your health and of those around you.

However, there is still hope for all smokers out there, looking to quit the cancerous cig. In this day and age, people began working towards this objective and not only did they introduce new ways to quit smoking with ease, but also developed effective alternatives, which brought about the rise of the vape industry.

Today, the vape industry is amongst the fastest thriving industries of the world, with much potential untapped. The industry’s primary objective is to wean people off their cigarettes and make the switch to a composed, non-life threatening alternative. They strived towards making Vape exciting for their customers, and have thoroughly succeeded in their efforts by introducing a diverse range of flavors to choose from. These flavors include fruity, candy and dessert flavors, amongst others. In a world of cigarette smoke clouds, the Vape ‘vapors’ have stamped their authority as the new cool.

Vaping might be 95 percent less harmful to your health than smoking, but the presence of salt nicotine does take a slight toll on your health. This nicotine provides similar, and in most cases, mimics the cigarette experience, which is why smokers around the globe are switching to vape. This in turn, aids them significantly in their war of withdrawal vs the cigarette.

Starting with high concentration salt nicotine, vapers can steadily tone the salt nic levels down to the point where there is ZERO percent salt nicotine in their vape E-liquid, which come in lip-smacking assorted, fruity flavors.

This prompted the heads at FOGG and FIT vape pods to pull their resources and come together to provide the perfect alternatives that smokers were longing for. We have firm faith in our product and are always intent on keeping our aim in sight: To help our customers quit smoking. It’s a thorough, difficult process for the smokers, but our passion and drive towards accomplishing our goals is reflected in our range of products, and together, we can create a smoke free world of hazard-free, hassle-free vaping.

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FOGG is a US based organization specializing in vaping products, established in the year 2018. We have our headquarters in Los Angeles, California, with regional offices spread across USA as well as China. We have our production facilities in China.

We, at FOGG, firmly believe in paving the way foward, towards a healthier, happier way of life. We believe that it is never too late to seek redemption at any stage of life. We understand that smoking is a cancerous addiction, and it takes significant will and grit to overcome it, no matter what alternative is chosen. That is why our pods are filled with the choicest salt nicotine, carefully paired with ‘A’ grade flavors to deliver utmost quality, easing the transition period.

Self-betterment starts right here. For this very reason, we seek, and strive towards continuous improvement every day, not only within our product, but within ourselves, as a team. Only then will we be able to serve our customers better. We aim to rid this tar-stricken world from the curse of the cigarette, once and for all.

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Whether you’re an experienced campaigner, spoiled for choice between our delectable range of FOGG flavors, or a newbie, seeking to familiarize yourself with the dos and don’ts of the industry; FOGG representatives are at your service, day in, day out. We look forward to customer queries and offering our assistance, guiding you through everyday vape hassles. At the end of the day, we well and truly are about hassle-free vaping for the FOGG family.


The ascension of the vape industry is quite a tale. Now viewed as the choicest alternative to smoking, the industry has undergone a massive revolution, and can be identified as disruptive. The E-Cig industry is a multi-billion dollar affair with immense growth potential, and by the year 2025, the industry is expected to soar up to $50 Billion in value.

When we say revolution, we go back to the First Gen vape products: the cig-alikes; simple in appearance and easy to use. The Second generation of vape brought us vape pens; an enhanced battery paired with a customized vaping experience made vape pens a popular-go-to for many looking to make ‘The Big Switch’. The third generation introduced Mod (modification) systems, improving upon the vape pens by allowing the user more control over the experience. Overall, the market has skyrocketed 2014 onwards, as innovations such as pod devices have made a name for themselves with a variety of flavors to choose from.

Many global medical entities have acknowledged vaping to be a significantly safer alternative to combustible cigarettes. A public health study conducted in the UK declared vaping to be 95% less detrimental to health than smoking, and a number of medical associations are now recommending modern vape devices to their smoking clients, indicating an upward trend in the popularity and sales of vape and vape related products.

With the rise in power of digital media, many vape ventures are shifting their businesses online instead of taking the outlet route. A strong presence of today’s generation on social media may have prompted this move, as many existing brand outlets have also began making their online presence felt.

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To dream, is to believe, is to accomplish. It’s about time you choose what’s right for you. It’s about time, you chose YOU. FOGG NATION brings you closer towards realizing your dream of a better life, and accomplishing more. A global movement meant for those looking to make the big switch; FOGG NATION is keen on aiding and facilitating smokers and ex-smokers anywhere, everywhere. Join the revolution that is here for the better; FOGG NATION is here to stay.


We take tremendous pride in our customers and the journeys they embark upon, to stand where they do today, or aspire to, one day. Smoking is not only detrimental to physical health, but also entraps the minds of its victims in an endless cycle. These individuals have been through the thick and thins of life, faltered many a times, suffered many losses. Displaying immense determination, these people eventually picked themselves up from the abyss of their addictions when it mattered the most. Their faith in FOGG as their go-to vape pod brand makes us even more fiercely determined. Our customers are our true heroes, and we can safely say they take as much pride in us, as we do in them.


At FOGG, we accredit our achievements on all scales to our utmost valuable resource: people. These individuals, belonging to diverse backgrounds, ages, and ethnicities have one thing in common: their commitment to the cause. Working round the clock to ensure unmatched quality of our products; our employees are the true flag bearers of FOGG’s success in recent times. We proudly maintain a vibrant, challenging corporate environment for our employees to thrive in. They relish for new opportunities, with the aim of seeking further growth and enhancing their skill set. These revolutionaries are working towards a healthier, safer tomorrow, while instilling in themselves the passion, to become the leaders of tomorrow.


Our distributors play an essential role when it comes to the accessibility of our products and services worldwide. We are proud to associate the name of FOGG with not only the biggest, but also the most reliable names in the vape industry. High levels of commitment and mutual respect are always maintained between us and our distributors. They ensure our customers are being catered to wholly; the way they deserve to be.

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